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Every year in January we ask our customers to come in for a free inspection. For most of our customers this is a 30 minute inspection that can keep your car going for another 12 to 18 months problem free.

Saving you up to 40% off Dealer Pricing.

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Oil filter "Warped"
Here is an Example of an Oil filter that has been “WARPED”. This is a pretty regular thing on the N14. Maybe 1 out of 20 cars will have this problem when doing an oil service.

PostHeaderIcon Carbon on Valves Before and After

So how do they look? As in a previous post, I mentioned that the oil will cake up on the back of the valves. Well here is a picture of it. What corprate is saying to fix this is to run a fuel additive in the gas tank every 3k miles. I believe this is GARBAGE due to the N14 being direct injected. The fuel Never even touches this part of the engine. So how will this help? Usually #4 cylinder is the worst. And from What I’ve seen every 30k miles You will need a Carbon cleaning. And this is what the same valves look like after they have been cleaned.Carbon Cleaning "After"

PostHeaderIcon The N14 turbo charged engine

The biggest thing with the turbo cars is to check the oil regularly. This is the key to a long lasting engine. I believe that the turbo creates a a huge pressure differential causing the oil to be pressurized and to be burned and to cake on the back of the valves. (more on that later) It is not uncommon that the oil will be 3qts low after an oil change that was done only 3k ago. So please check your oil regularly it will save you many expensive problems down the road. I would recommend to check it evry other gas fill up.


Robbyn S.
Pomona, CA
7/27/2011 I took my Mini to Ben yesterday, and couldn't be more pleased with the results! He repaired some things my dealership inspection turned up at hundreds less than the dealer quote! He was thorough, efficient, and even threw in free windshield wipers! As long as I own minis, I'll be coming back here!

Eric V.
West Covina, CA
10/24/2011 Ben is the best and most knowledgeable guy in the mini world bar-none..!!! In just a few stops-by he's quickly become not just my mechanic but a true friend and a comrad in the fight against malfunctioning mini's, LOL...he really cares about his customers, their cars and most importantly their wallets. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else out of warranty. Everytime i thank him for his time and knoweledge he always gives me the same quote and i love it...!! "I'm not in the business of making a few bucks 1 time, i'm interested in making a customer for life" Well Ben, sign me up..!!! Thanks again.

Who Am I?
Hello I’m Ben Parker. I created this site because I want to educate mini cooper owners about there cars. I also have a repair shop in Glendora, CA, 705 East Arrow HWY Suite C.